Small, mind-numbing bits of news from Barkingside

Watch out – I thought they didn’t in this neck of the woods but fireworks do go off horizontally at knee level after all. One narrowly missed me and another woman last night and exploded in the doorway of the newsagents opposite the pool. The woman was apoplectic but I couldn’t persuade her to come across the road and take it up with the little darlings who’d fired it and I wasn’t about to get my head kicked in without a witness, so until next time…

The people who designed the flats built on the site of the charming bungalow near the corner of Fullwell Avenue have designed little boxy projecting windows jutting out of the pitched roofs. I don’t understand – is this supposed to be in character with the other loft conversions in Barkingside? Weird.

There’s a newish coffee shop on the High Street where Hi Juice used to be. But why does it have to be called ‘Elite’? Sexual prowess with your coffee? Er, no thanks.

The clairvoyant’s place has been replaced with a nail parlour called Love Nails. I’m torn about this only because I can’t work out whether I hate clairvoyancy more than false nails.

To end where we started but on a marginally higher note, the vacant place next to The Chequers which this time last year was taken over by fly-by-night firework vendors is now a fly-by-night fruit and veg stall.

1 thought on “Small, mind-numbing bits of news from Barkingside

  1. My husband and I were walking by when that happened. Husband called the kid an arsehole and somewhat loudly. Doubt the parents were paying any attention just like they weren’t about the firework.

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