Controlled explosions

I took a leaflet promoting the book and speaking tour From Guy Fawkes to 9/11 – 400 Years of State Sponsored Terrorism by Webster Griffin Tarpley from a publicity-minded conspiracy theorist (possibly Webster Griffin Tarpley) the other day. Among other wild thoughts disguised as terrorology he believes that the war on terror is a plot to take away our civil liberties.

Any* All sane structural engineers will tell you that They couldn’t have got the explosives strapped onto the WTC without anybody knowing. That’s if you even get as far as asking. Indymedia, who are promoting the speaking tour, don’t – but I think that’s because they think he might be on to something. Maybe he is.

Anyway, I caught the people who did this red handed:



* Not any. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth won’t. (Doff cap to modernityblog on HP.)


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