Question of the week

I’m watching Paxo interview Keith Vaz and and Maajid Naawaz. He’s just asked “What is to be done?” – they’re talking about the indoctrination of children by Islamists. This morning one of the Today Programme anchors asked “What is to be done?” about Musharraf’s undemocratic state of emergency. I think I came across it in the Observer at the weekend. And it’s a question Jon Cruddas and Jon Trickett, who hold hands on Comment is Free, posed last week with regards to a hoped-for shift leftwards by Gordon Brown. And I read it tonight in a novel – albeit one from 1991.

“What is to be done?” is Lenin’s most famous question. So, assuming it’s not just me suddenly noticing it, who revived it and what does it mean that I keep hearing it this week?

In current form it’s a hand-spreading, passively-formulated, baffled-sounding question and a constant reminder of what a mess political Islam, Perves Musharraf and to a lesser extent Gordon Brown are in. I don’t like it.


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