Mango on the Moral Maze

I read in a comment by Irene Lancaster on Boycotted British Academic’s blog that Stephen Rose has been “quietly dropped” from BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze.

An unsuccsessful attempt to verify and explain this took me to the Moral Maze site where I was confronted by what may well be the name of Stephen Rose’s replacement – Alex Callinicos, who is director of European Studies at Kings.

Most of what I know about Professor Callinicos make me very distrust his moral pronouncements. He’s a supporter of the academic boycott of Israel (well, in principle, but in practice he backed away). He’s in Central Committee of the SWP and responsible for its international work (so unless I’m mistaken we have him to thank for he’s implicated in the unholy alliance between SWP and Islamists which is the Stop The War Coalition and the alarming spectacle of British SWP demonstrators marching alongside and probably holding We Are All Hesbollah Now placards). And he withdraws copy from Socialist Worker Online without explanation – which is, in my moral estimation, more of a venial sin but still bad form.

If he’s the hard left alternative then I think I want Stephen Rose back.


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