Save Dennis Daniels

The Ilford Recorder informs us “Binman did a poo in our garden“.

But Dennis, who admitted that he’d “felt the urge”, says he didn’t do it:

“As I was running I passed wind and thought, ‘Oh, I am all right now’ and went to get a bottle of water from the shop.”

But even if he had, if he’d been vomiting everybody would have been rubbing his back and holding his hair. It’s not so different. We’ve all been caught short. In fact I have a good friend who was similarly compromised on his postal round. You can’t argue with urgent bodily functions (although you should always clear them up).

Anyway Redbridge Council held his disciplinary yesterday – hopefully he still has his job but I have no way of knowing.

Via Barkingside 21.

Update (Nov 22nd): Dennis is saved.


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