Respect Demolition. Good. Stop The War next? SWP is the kiss of death.

Galloway said it himself – a coalition of Socialists and Muslims was always going to be like “porcupines making love“.

Duelling conferences today marked the end of the Respect Coalition. By way of background: the SWP acted scurrilously and passed resolutions after a meeting had finished; Galloway spat his dummy with the immortal ejaculation “Go on, fuck off – fuck off, the lot of you”; Galloway’s lot changed the locks on the Respect headquarters so the SWP couldn’t get in; the SWP kept control of the Web site; a councillor who split from Galloway got a kicking (well, people did say it would end in violence). You can read all about the run-up to this happy disaster on Harry’s Place.

The SWP ran this year’s campaign for an academic boycott of Israel. I’m glad their coalition has fallen around their ears and look forward to witnessing the same with their repulsive Stop The War Coalition which hosts Hesbollah media man Ibrahim Mousawi and produces “We Are All Hesbollah Now” placards. Their war on the War on Terror involves cuddling terrorists. Literally, the SWP is hateful.
That said, who in their right mind would even consider Galloway as an alternative? His wedges from the SWP are:

  1. God
  2. being anti-abortion
  3. being anti gay-rights
  4. being conservative in a Jamaat, MAB kind of way
  5. being pro-Israel*

So when we hear from PM (BBC Radio 4, Saturday 17th Nov) that:

“You’ve got George Galloway and quite a lot of the Muslim groups going off in one direction and you’ve got the more white – let’s be frank about this – Socialist Workers Party going off in another direction, and the split has gone so deep that even one group changed the locks on the party headquarters so the other lot couldn’t get in about two weeks ago.”

and look at the pictures of the assembly which confirm the PM report to some extent (no pics from the SWP faction’s Respect conference yet) you have to put two and two together and surmise that Galloway has indeed been forced to assume a new role as the useful face of Jamaat-i-Islami (a.k.a. Muslim Brotherhood). This sect will surely be the final resting place of his British political career. He’ll only attract extremists now. I predict that by 2010 he’ll have emigrated to Iran.

It’s good that Jamaat is now in a state of conspicuous isolation. Anti-gay. Anti-women. Anti-Jewish. Into God. Conservative. All that remains is to shun them (and also keep an eye on them).
Oh – according to the SWP our real enemies are still New Labour and the Right Wing. Nice to know they’ve sorted their priorities out to take account of global developments. Internationalist my arse. What a bunch of clefts.
Anyway, Harry’s Place will do this more justice, so go there and find it all out.

* Haha.

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