I have a new balaclava

I used to have a balaclava when I was small – mum was concerned about conserving the heat from our readybrek when we walked to school. Very uncomfortable as I remember – your readybrek breath used to condense on the balaclava, rapidly cool, and you ended up with a frigid, wet slab of acrylic across your mouth and nose.

Yesterday we had people round and stayed up most of the night. The balaclava came up, as did tub girl and milking pigs. After the children had gone we decorated one of their gingerbread men obscenely. It’s still funny today.

Anyway, Matt went down the high street this morning and came back with a balaclava. Now I can show myself. Here I am.



4 thoughts on “I have a new balaclava

  1. Technically, that’s a ski mask. A ski mask typically has 2 individual holes for the eyes, and one for the mouth. A balaclava on the other hand, has 1 oval shaped hole for both eyes, and one hole only. They typically do not have a hole for the mouth.

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