East London Line alternatives (2). Google Maps and pavement fans.

In the absence of the East London Line and in pursuit of a 15-20 minute walk on my journey to work I had to physically push city workers out of my eyes this morning. City workers have no idea about waterproofs and most of them think it’s fine to raise an umbrella in a moving crowd. This is a menace. It was raining quite hard, I was carrying heavy stuff and the trains were late. By the time I got into work I was hot, soaked, shattered and extremely cranky.

So tomorrow I’ll try walking from Liverpool St to Cannon St and get a train to New X from there. It’s the right length and the route could be relatively quiet streets. What a good idea from my boss’s wife.

Google Maps. You can use it for Directions by entering a start and destination. That generates a list of instructions and a route superimposed on the map – but only for drivers. The word ‘Drive’ is a link but clicking it brings no further options (i.e. no cycle, walk or wheelchair route). And the moveable nodes stubbornly refuse to ignore one-way systems. I dare say this is all coming but not soon enough.

Cars are pretty amazing but while I have the use of a pretty well-integrated public transport system, my legs, and a cardiovascular system, skeleton and environment to look after, I much prefer Pavement.

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