East London Line alternatives (4). Kate Moss’s birthday.

I hid East London Line alternatives (3) after somebody flattered me that I might get stalked (it was insanely detailed).

But know this – if you’re coming west-bound along the Central Line and trying to get to New Cross, then you could do a lot worse than get out at Liverpool St, walk to Cannon St, London’s most placid terminus, and 9 minutes later you’ll be in New Cross.

For her 34th birthday Kate Moss hired out a couple of floors of the Dorchester for a 34 hour party, but she only withstood 18 hours.

Flesh’s partly incognito 34th birthday party, on the other hand, was divided between a day’s work, a coffee shop interlude, the John Snow on Broadwick St, (popular with the John Snow Society) and a late dinner on Charing X Rd.

It’s like the hare and the tortoise.

1 thought on “East London Line alternatives (4). Kate Moss’s birthday.

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