Richard Littlejohn on 5 dead sex workers: emetic

Richard Littlejohn thinks that the sex workers who were murdered in Ipswich were merely vermin.

His Daily Mail piece is sick-making. That death for sex workers is the same as death for Hollywood stunt doubles – an occupational hazard. That they were never going to find a cure for cancer – on which basis we should probably give up on the African agrarians he mentions in the next breath – I mean, they probably can’t even read.

That the sex workers’ friends and families failed – but that society is blameless. That they were on the street because they were too disgusting to be accepted into a brothel.


Visceral moral disgust. It’s a funny old thing. I think it’s a dangerous thing.


One thought on “Richard Littlejohn on 5 dead sex workers: emetic

  1. Hang on, this is Richard Littlejohn. Have you never read any of his pathetic material before? It’s all like that! The only thing about this particular article that I find weird is that he didn’t manage to blame it all on “the gays” in his odious and predictable way.

    My favourite piece of claptrap from him is this:

    In one, concise, article he manages to get in homosexuality, cottaging, immigration ,and political correctness; all the time maintaining his witless series of puns and poorly reasoned similes. Pity him: it’s only a matter of time before he (and Jim Davidson probably) get arrested for raping a bunch of underage, homeless, Albanian, street boys in a “coke fuelled romp.”

    Being outraged by him is what he wants. Don’t feed the troll. It turns him on.

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