Animals at our mercy

This year is supposed to be my Year of the Animals. But I don’t do animals very well and the Jews are still taking up most of my time. So to at least make an effort, I’m going to try to record  cruelty to animals which makes it into the news. So far I have noted but failed to mention quite a few instances.

The eighty-four horses, donkeys and ponies found starving or dead on a farm in Amersham. Oh, and there’s a bit of racism too – I searched for this and the number two hit was a report from the British National Party. I thought “Oh, the BNP care about animals?” Then I made a guess and sure enough, the owner of the horses, meat trader Jamie Gray, was Roma.

And these are the kinds of chickens that Jay Rayner thinks are a good idea.

What resurrected this was the news that the 80 Afghans killed in a suicide bomb in Kandahar today were there to watch a dog fight. Recreational dog fighting is making an enthusiastic come-back in Afghanistan, having been banned under the Taliban. The attack is the most deadly since the Taliban were overthrown in 2001 and the provincial governor is calling the dead ‘martyrs’. Martyrs to what – freedom to make animals tear each other to bits? How twisted and horrible, all round.


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