Green Party turned goose-turd by Israel boycott crackpots


As somebody who washes with ions on a rinseless cycle, shells out untold amounts of (her boyfriend’s) money on sustainable furniture, decorates with environmentally friendly materials, who is vegan, who never uses plastic bags, holidays train-rides away, walks to get the shopping and everywhere possible – who is, in short, tries hard to be green, and am more Green than I am anything else, anyway – I am deeply turned off about this news from Engage – the Greens have voted to boycott Israel.

…the boycott motion is part of an “internal strategy” and “external strategy” to make the “green redder” and the “red greener”, or, still in Sean’s [proposer of the motion] own words, a strategy to “promote debate and raise awareness among rank and file party members that chime with their level of consciousness but which move them to begin to question some of the fundamental assumptions of bourgeois ideology and which raise demands that cannot be met within the limitations of a capitalist state.”

Red and green is brown. Brown is the colour of turds and Nazi uniforms, which just about sums up that motion.

Debate, again. People call their bad motions ‘debates’ as if the word endows any idea with a halo and a pair of angel wings.

See Engage and its resources section for why this boycott resolution is factually and ethically wrong. It has no aims or endpoints. It treats the conflict with remarkable and condemnable similicity as Israel’s sole problem and responsibility, as if there were no threats of obliteration from Hamas and Hesbollah. It tells lies about Arab Israels – it neglects to mention that, like Arab Israelis, Jewish Israelis only ‘own’ 4% of the land, because 92% is unavailable for private purchase. It is vague about who it means when talking about ‘Palestinians’. It refers to an ‘apartheid wall’ as if Israel and the West Bank were a single country rather than two separate territories, one of which is under occupation. It neglects to count UN resolutions of which Palestinians and states adjoining Israel are also in violation. It lies about ethnic cleansing – in fact the Palestinian and Arab-Israeli population is growing well (notwithstanding the brain-drain from the OPTs). I’d like to know more about the water use, but if it is ‘renewable’ as the motion says, then that raises a lot of questions. It calls Israel ‘supposedly democratic’. Israel has a free press, is less of a surveillance society than either the UK or US, has a legal system which is highly regarded globally and, of course, free and fair elections. In the face of considerable and escalating threats from its neighbours, and in the shadow of a global bid to wipe Jews out, Israel’s successes should be celebrated alongside our criticism of the settlements and the social exclusion of Arab Israelis which remains prevalent.


7 thoughts on “Green Party turned goose-turd by Israel boycott crackpots

  1. You’re absolutely correct about “Brown is the colour of turds and Nazi uniforms.”

    And the Nazis here are really the Israelis. They’re the ones uprooting trees and demolishing homes.

    I support the motion to boycott the NaZionists.


  2. Although it is important to look at things from a humanitarian perspective, what you neglect entirely with your brow-beating is the campaign to convince Israel that it has a lot to lose by persisting with its settlements, routing its security wall beyond its security needs in such a way as it divides Palestinians from their livelihoods and effectively annexes Palestinian land. Opposing the part of Hamas’ constitution which talks about war on Jews would be a start.

    But no. Nazis “really the Israelis”? Your Nazi analogy is as bad as mine – but mine wasn’t trying to be any more than a crap pun.

    ‘Attending the World’ allow me to indulge a hoot of derision in your direction. I search your site (which i decline to link to) and you aren’t attending the world at all! 207 results for Israel. Zero (zero!) for Zimbabwe! 2 (2!) for Darfur and only in the context of Israel. Israel is in the centre of your world-view, the state from which all the ills of the world emanate – which obsession should in turn encourage us to ignore you completely.

    Here though – I published your comment already, so let me deal with it. Remember: 1) Nazis tried to wipe out Jews, among other groups. And this is why Jews were given, by the UN in its 1947 petition plan, a state of their own – somewhere they could take charge of their own self-defence. This same partition plan also granted a state for the Palestinians but this did not get off the ground due to competing Egyptian and Jordanian interests in the region. 2) Israel is not trying to wipe out the Palestinians – the vast majority of Israelis supports a Palestinian state, given assurances. 3) the Palestinian population is growing well – there is not a shred of evidence of a genocide. 4) Israel is not a totalitarian fascist state. Given all its pressures it’s a very successful democracy with a free press, excellent legislature, and variable but improving equal opportunities. And despite the extraordinary level of scrutiny Israel comes under (while vigilant defenders such as you ATW ignore everybody else) most people who are against Israel still turn to the Israeli free press – particularly Haaretz – for their evidence. Splat goes your analogy.

    But your selective support, selective condemnation and insult to survivors of the Holocaust stands, and it diminishes you.

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