London to Berlin by sleeper

For my birthday before last Matt took us to Amsterdam on the ferry from Harwich. It was my first time on a ferry and it was amazing.

It’s Matt’s birthday in April and I’ve booked us a trip to Berlin. Don’t worry about me spilling the beans – he doesn’t read this blog (I brief him on everything each night in a non-stop stream-of-consciousness which only abates when I see his eyes begin to roll back into their sockets). Besides – this is awful – I ruined the surprise in an unguarded moment a couple of weeks back when somebody asked us what we were doing for the Easter break.

The exciting thing about the trip is that we’re going by train. We leave early evening on 17th from St Pancras, arriving in Brussels to connect with the overnight sleeper which will get us to Berlin early morning on 18th. On the way back we’ll spend the day in Brussels.

I got the details from The Man in Seat 61. He provides up-to-date information about how to travel from Britain to anywhere in the world by train and boat – a very useful resource for ‘slow travellers‘.

Ever since I can remember it’s been my ambition to go on a sleeper train and I’m extremely excited. So is Matt, it goes without saying.
Now, find accommodation.


3 thoughts on “London to Berlin by sleeper

  1. yeah! go for it. I did it once and had a great time. Hope you got a 1st leisure on the Eurostar – free champane and all. And a decent cabin (3 sleeper is probably goo enough, most chances you’ll have it for yourself)

    and Berlin’s amazing. Don’t miss the Holocaust memorial (Hanna Arendt sq.).

  2. I have done a couple of sleepers through Spain. It is a good way to see the country, I found that I met some interesting characters along the way too.

    No bbq for me not to turn up to this year then?

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