Stop the War dumps Galloway. Now, who’s for dumping Stop the War?

Good-good-good about Galloway. Less of him the better. But not good enough, however. No, not by a long shot.

The shunning of Galloway, while a good idea in itself, is far more likely to be personal than principled, based on the last year’s debacle of a split – after all, StWC insist on inviting morbid and antisemitic Hesbollah envoy Ibrahim Mousawi to speak at their rallies. Hesbollah want to shut Israel down and espouse war as a means to get it – and this is something quite different from stopping war. This is the organisation my union UCU is affiliated with, to my shame.

Interesting development spotted by david t at Harry’s Place – since Likud deputy Feiglin has been banned for incitement to a holy war against Islam, maybe we don’t have to entertain Hesbollah for too much longer.

I remember once when I was much younger (about 5 years ago) coming across an article titled something like “Why are so many Jews right wing?” At the time I was terribly indignant -I thought that right wing was the worst thing that you could call somebody. I don’t think it’s true, by the way, that Jews are right wing. American Jews, for example, are split between Democrat and Republican and within living memory Israel was the world’s only functioning socialist society. But here’s a thing – Harry’s Place’s Brett on StWC:

I am not exaggerating now when I say that as a gay person, I now fear the far left more than I fear the right.

You could read ‘Jewish’ instead of ‘gay’ and it would still be quite relevant.

What StWC, the SWP, the CPGB, the AWL all need to understand is that it’s not greed that drives people with a social conscience away from the far left. It’s fear.


One thought on “Stop the War dumps Galloway. Now, who’s for dumping Stop the War?

  1. More on the truly awful George Galloway’s defence of the criminalisation of homosexuality in Iran, from Brett. Thanks to Diane Abbott and other activists, Iranian student Mehdi Kazemi gets to remain in Britain rather than returning to Iran where his boyfriend was hanged for homosexuality. Now, Stop the War have gone out of their way to make Iran look benign as far as gay people are concerned. The question is what values have they jettisoned when they excluded Galloway? I’m up for a critique of the War on Terror and if they banish the antisemitism, espousal of terror and the whitewashing of oppressive regimes which happen to be anti-American, then they might be alright… Might be. We will see.

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