Brett on the Stop the War Coalition

I find Brett from Harry’s Place uncommonly sage and I owe him my favourite metaphor so I think I’ll link to him once again.

If the StWC genuinely want to “stop the war” in Iraq, it is time they stopped giving succour and support to the very forces that drive the killing by peddling myths that Islamists are anti-Imperialist partners and that a “Glorious Resistance” even exists.

Refusing to change tack more than five years into the war smacks of ‘told-you-so-ism’ – which helps no one and, moreover, ignores reality. Just because there were good reasons to oppose the war before it started – as there were valid reasons for supporting it – these tired arguments and dug-in positions must now be forgotten. What is important is the world as it is now. It is time for a fresh look and a fresh analysis.

The new student Campaigns Officer sabbatical where I work is a Stopper, promising a tedious year for campus campaigning.


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