Conciliation, Hamas style

Which is to say

  1. mislead people to suppose that Jewishness and Judaism are the same thing. Use this to presume a load of Jewish values and tell us that these have been corrupted by Zionism
  2. ignore the fact that the Nazis didn’t differentiate between religious and assimilated Jews when they put the genocide into action
  3. ignore said genocide as a factor in the creation of a Jewish state and rather offer it as a whim.
  4. avoid mentioning that Jews had their homes taken, were stripped of their possessions and sent off to become slaves and ultimately die, with those who survived interned in displaced persons camps for years because nobody wanted to take them in.
  5. under no circumstances mention the UN Partition Plan which clearly defines an Arab state and a Jewish one.
  6. and shhh – don’t mention your own suicide bombing campaign if you want people to carry on believing that Israel puts soldiers round Palestine because they’re just evil Zionists.

Like so:

“Our movement fights on because we cannot allow the foundational crime at the core of the Jewish state — the violent expulsion from our lands and villages that made us refugees — to slip out of world consciousness, forgotten or negotiated away. Judaism — which gave so much to human culture in the contributions of its ancient lawgivers and modern proponents of tikkun olam — has corrupted itself in the detour into Zionism, nationalism and apartheid.

A “peace process” with Palestinians cannot take even its first tiny step until Israel first withdraws to the borders of 1967; dismantles all settlements; removes all soldiers from Gaza and the West Bank; repudiates its illegal annexation of Jerusalem; releases all prisoners; and ends its blockade of our international borders, our coastline and our airspace permanently. This would provide the starting point for just negotiations and would lay the groundwork for the return of millions of refugees. Given what we have lost, it is the only basis by which we can start to be whole again.”

God, what an amateur. It’s a load of syrup but it doesn’t stick.

If I’d lost half my family to the IDF I’d be livid too. I might well be an anti-Zionist. But that wouldn’t excuse or explain getting it this wrong or being in an organisation which squashes women, LBGT people and non-Muslims so horribly.

The stuff referring to Jerusalem and the ’67 borders constitutes concession with a small ‘c’. It is good that Hamas is talking about this and I hope that Israel responds to positively reinforce this development. Adequate supplies into Gaza so that nobody’s health suffers – particularly the vulnerable – being the barest minimum.


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