Gardening achievements

I couldn’t lie to myself or the neighbours any more and Matt had never even tried. We didn’t have a wild garden, we had a very neglected garden. So today we acted as follows:

  • in the front, pruned the buddleia (for the butterflies) into a tree rather than a behemoth as formerly
  • revealed that my rosemary and lavender alternating hedge, planted only last year and previously hidden by buddleia, has bushed out nicely; pruned, top-dressed and watered that
  • pruned the waxy leaved Essex shrub with the red flowers
  • watered and top-dressed the front roses and bleeding heart plant. Eyed the greenfly but did nothing.
  • avoided secateuring the largest and hairiest caterpillar I’ve seen in a long while
  • cleared away the crip packets, KFC cartons and fox dung
  • asked next door’s boys to mind the iris buds when they go for their ball
  • in the back pruned, top-dressed, weeded and watered the baby yew hedge
  • cleared and dug over last year’s tomato plants from the vegetable patch to plant clover (this year will be fallow until later when we’ll plant some late leaves)
  • weeded the herb bed
  • pruned, top dressed and watered the vines and the broom
  • pruned the stuff which is trying to get inside the house
  • cleared the enormous bramble
  • filled many bags with the green prunings which can’t fit on the compost.

We didn’t mow the lawn (which also needs aerating and other assistance), the eucalyptus needs to be lopped and the hops are looking menacing. This time of year it’s a bit of a challenge to fight it all off. But it’s teeming with life – I saw so many different animals today (the most exciting of which was a frog). The only slight blot on the landscape Matt was frightened by two garden gnomes under the bramble, one of which is large enough to pose quite a threat.

I forgot to sow rocket. Will do that right now.


One thought on “Gardening achievements

  1. With the weather being so cold and rainy lately it has been difficult to get out to care for all my plants, so I sure know what you are experiencing.

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