Vegan dessert sauce creative break-through

Ok, we have a creative breakthrough on the vegan dessert lubrication front. All I have to think of are names…

Trio-of-coconut cream with duo-of-lime

This is particularly good on pineapple, mango or other fruit. Takes maybe 10 minutes prep.

  • A third of a block of creamed coconut
  • Maybe two-thirds of a can of full-fat coconut milk
  • A handful or more of dessicated coconut (you can freeze this if you don’t get through it)
  • Sugar to taste (maybe 4 tbsp)
  • The reamed rind of a lime
  • The juice, pulp, but not pith of the same lime

Melt the coconut cream (smaller pieces are better – stops the outside getting too cooked. It will thicken the sauce when it cools.

Turn off the heat. Add the coconut milk and the lime juice.

Stir in the sugar to taste.

Add the dessicated coconut until you have a thick pouring texture.

Add the lime rind.

Put in a sealable container and refrigerate until needed. Will keep for days.

Chocolate cointreau cream

  • As much full fat coconut milk as you need – the cream round the top of the tin is good because it’s thick and doesn’t taste as strongly of coconut (but if you allow the cointreau to dominate, this isn’t a problem
  • Drinking chocolate (just the cocoa and sugar kind – I like cafe direct best)
  • Cointreau, whisky or something

Add the proportions gradually, mixing well, until you have a satisfactory flavour, texture and appearance.

Any surplus coconut milk should go in pina coladas or curry sauce


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