My advantages

I can list them. They’re the reason I’m not starving to death in Burma, being burned out of my home in Darfur, beaten to death in Zim, unemployed, homeless, impoverished or depressed.

  • I was born in a temperate place – no weather, no malaria, no quakes, no tsunamis.
  • I was born free in a free society
  • The place where I live is free from conflict
  • My government values and can attend to its people’s well-being
  • I was born in a good time – health care, equal opportunity law, no corsets
  • I have plenty to eat
  • I think I’m in the richest 10% of the world
  • I’m very educated to doctorate level in a society which values education
  • My accent communicates a good education
  • My skin is white in a world where inequalities favour white skin
  • In a visual culture my looks aren’t off-putting
  • I’m not afraid of technology
  • I have Matt to love and to love me back
  • I have lovable friends
  • I have leisure to think
  • I’m well
  • I’m curious
  • I can cope in most situations

4 thoughts on “My advantages

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by Laura Ingalls Wilder. In (I think) The Little Town on the Prairie she talks about corsets. Her po-faced mother rebukes her for not wearing hers in bed, telling her that she will lose her figure and boasting that when Laura’s father first met her he could span her waist with his two hands. Laura hated her corset. They squeezed the aorta and stopped women doing anything physically demanding. These days we have high heels for that.

  2. Now I thought that would be funny, but those women are actually bloody good at running in heels! I only wish the be-heeled women on my commute in the morning would progress that fast (bless em).

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