Psycho Buildings

A friend who lives in Japan was in the country (which was great) and a few of us went to look at the Psycho Buildings exhibition at the Southbank Centre. We wasted a lot of time but after queuing for and watching bad films about buildings in a tiny plywood cinema and missing loads of better things to do like rolling around in a big squashy ball or walking up and down a metal tube, Matt and I had the distinction of being the last boaters on Gelitin‘s Normally, Proceeding and Unrestricted With Without Title. It was gorgeous on the roof and we were proceeding unrestricted until about 6pm when the gallery shut and a chilly-looking fellow in waders chased us down, cornered us and dragged our vessel back to the jetty.

I rowed Matty around the roof of the Hayward Gallery in a little plywood boat. Not everybody gets to say they did that.

Getilin\'s installation on the roof of the Hayward Gallery


5 thoughts on “Psycho Buildings

  1. A small and somewhat shoddy plywood boat at that. I rather got the impression at this exhibition that all the plywood in London had been comandeered.

    Also the strange ‘exploded’ room appeared to have suffered only up to a height of about 5ft.

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