Chadwell Heath by-election next week – stop the BNP

UPDATE: When you see the Conservatives win something and you get a rush of relief it feels a little strange. Labour came second. The BNP got 564 votes and came third.


Chadwell Heath votes for a Borough Councillor on Thursday 3rd July. I’m not going to name the person running for the BNP (you can find him via the link above) but in 2006 he only lost by 15 votes.

If you’re around this week and interested in a small act to frustrate the BNP’s campaign, call 07742749614, tell Bob you’d like to help with leafleting, collect the leaflets (probably a good idea to where a disguise and adopt an alias – I hear the BNP are thugs) recycle them and go home. I wouldn’t do this with just any party I didn’t like but it seems the correct thing to do to a bunch of people who divide the population into native and non-native Britons and make that the centre of their policy, who spread hate, and who would make our lives hell if they ever got any real power.

Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate says:

The Chadwell Heath ward in Barking & Dagenham goes to the polls in just over a week’s time. With a very close result likely it is vital that we make one last push to stop the BNP from winning.

Last Saturday over 30 people delivered 4000 leaflets across the ward. A PDF of the leaflet can be found here .

We are now asking London Hope not Hate supporters to turn out one more time to deliver a letter to voters which has been endorsed by key local people. This is the sort of community campaigning that is absolutely vital if we are to defeat the BNP.

We will be meeting at Chadwell Heath station at 6pm on Tuesday 1 July. This station is on the overground line, just 15 minutes from Liverpool Street. Click here for a map.

The BNP currently has 12 councillors on Barking & Dagenham council but they have never really broken into the Dagenham side of the borough. This is their chance, however, together we can stop them.

I hope to see you on Tuesday.

Nick Lowles |


4 thoughts on “Chadwell Heath by-election next week – stop the BNP

  1. A couple of points.

    Fear not, fascists will never gain real power in Britain; we have a First past the Post system for a very good reason.

    As for outsiders, usually young and middle class, these tend to antagonize locals, possibly improving the BNP vote.

    Whether they get many reluctant socialists to vote, I don’t know, but good luck.

  2. “As for outsiders, usually young and middle class, these tend to antagonize locals, possibly improving the BNP vote.”?

    Enough to vote for that bunch of troglodytes? People from Chadwell Heath aren’t stupid. Outsiders who are given a better deal than locals for no good reason, maybe, but concerned middle-class bloggers from a neighbouring borough – even if the first time they’ve shown any concern for the people of Chadwell Heath is to tell them not to vote BNP – I doubt they’ll induce support for the BNP. The BNP only gets support from people who are persuaded that their biggest problem is foreigners – or, latterly, non-Europeans. The non-pinks.

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