House of Commons debate on Israel and the Occupied Territories

I miss all of these – found this one because my MP said something.

The atmosphere was of concern, which made a positive contrast with the sinister apoplexy or ostentatious one-sided empathising you get with Socialist Worker Party members, Stoppers, The Guardian, The Independent &tc. Kim Howells said:

I should like to think that my hon. Friend had inferred that our actions were having some effect, but I do not think they are having a great effect. The latest announcements-within the last few weeks-of 1,000 new dwellings on occupied territories are doing no good whatever to the Annapolis process.

When I met Prime Minister Fayad in Berlin last night, he repeatedly referred to the issue of illegal settlements as one of the greatest impediments to progress on Annapolis. My hon. Friend is right: we must keep plugging away, and trying to convince the Israelis that this is one of the most important steps forward that they could take.

Too right. I wrote what I knew about the settlements a while back, revealing that I have little clue about how a resumption of building post-Annapolis could have been permitted to happen. My question is, doesn’t any system which allows the fringe pro-settlement parties like Shas to bully coalitions and break peace agreements need to change?


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