Pedantry +/- ignorance

Even I would draw the line at dropping the ‘h’ in ‘historian’. It’s just plain going out of your way to get it wrong. It’s pedantry combined with ignorance and it makes you look pompous.

Here’s some informed pedantry – I heard somebody today talking about administering their Virtual Learning Environment. ‘Administer’ being a transitive verb, he almost certainly doesn’t. I think the word he was looking for was ‘administrate’.

Why bother commenting on this? Dunno really. It’s not a biggy. Just a niggle.

2 thoughts on “Pedantry +/- ignorance

  1. Are you sure that’s what you meant ? Administer is not just transitive, it can be intransitive. Also, if it *was* only transitive, it would need an object.
    I can’t help but agree with the first answer here:

    But of course, it’s late, I’ve been drinking, and I’m really unsure about English grammar – it’s such an illogical set of rules.

    Love the post about fighting on teh internets tho.

  2. Martin, fuck Google answers. I just know. Do you remember that we had this conversation in the Pole one Friday lunchtime? It was everybody v. me. That means I’m right.

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