Kitsch anti-imperialists embarrass themselves

Chris Marks of Worker’s Liberty demonstrated against Bush’s invitation to tea with the Queen, only to be upset and embarrassed by the Socialist Worker Party and the Stop the War Coalition.

This is not the first time the StWC have shown themselves up and this is why they are doing so badly. Want to support Iranian workers? For the StWC that means whitewashing the Iranian regime. Want to make a stand for Palestinians? You’ll find yourself smashing Zionists and cuddling clerics. Want to protest the war on terror? You’ll become an audience for terrorists.

Chris Marks:

“Opposition to imperialism and national chauvinism is important, but it must be linked to democracy and liberation struggles. The Socialist Workers’ Party’s ‘Campaign Iran’ has not learned this lesson and will unfortunately go the same way as the Stop the War Coalition. Homophobic behaviour at demonstrations is not acceptable, but when you are silent about the struggles of LGBT activists in places like Iran and Iraq and treat them as an inconvenience to your kitsch ‘anti-imperialism’ then what do you expect? The slogan on Iran should read, “against Imperialism and theocracy, solidarity with students, women and workers in Iran”.”

The Socialist Worker Party. Turning the left upside-down.


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