Redbridge by-election next week – stop the BNP

UPDATE: With a turn-out of 30.5%, the Cranbrook ward by-election was won by Matthew Chaudhary (Conservative) with 1625 votes, lapping Labour (729), Lib Dems (328), and fourth were the BNP with 37. They were never going to win. But the Conservatives…? What have they got to offer for the kind of people who vote far right?  Bob From Brockley has some insights about Searchlight’s approach, which in his youth he might have dismissed as ‘popular frontism’ but hesitates to do now – have a read.

My manor.

Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate says:

The BNP is contesting a by-election in Cranbrook ward Redbridge next Thursday, 10th July, and the HOPE not hate campaign is asking for your assistance once again. Over the last few weeks we have mobilised over 100 people for the Chadwell Heath by-election, a truly excellent effort. [The BNP lost in Chadwell Heath by 278 votes – an improvement on the 16 they lost by in 2006 – Flesh]

Now our attention has to turn to Redbridge. We are meeting up this Sunday, at 11am, outside the Iceland store in Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill click here for a map . If people take the Cranbrook Road South exit from Gants Hill Central Line tube station they will see the store.

The activity is organised between Hope not hate and Redbridge and Epping Forest Together. For further information contact Gerry on 020 8550 1805.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has helped out recently and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Nick Lowles |

See you there.


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