Onur, oh yes


We got a leaflet through the door saying that the establishment which for the purposes of this post I’m going to have to call Thingummy Grill on the High St was selling falafel.

So tonight on the way home I foresook Onur and went to Thingummy Grill. The staff were very sweet but all of a sudden I was charged eight quid! Eight quid for two houmous-salad-pitta-falafel! I know there’s a food crisis, but given that the falafel kebab was three quid, that’s two quid for two rather meagre smears of houmous! On the way back I ducked my head and hurried past Onur’s plate glass window trying to hide the bag. Onur have been very good to me. Sometimes it seems that the tireder or more dejected I am, the less they charge. As you can imagine, I’ve ramped up some considerable discounts over the years. I feel like I at least owe them my custom on houmous-salad-pitta.

Matt and I were pretty disappointed. “Only a little onion” turned out to be none. Matt didn’t have any tomato. And the falafels weren’t done (although I’m pretty sure they were the ones from La Boucherie, which are very distinctive).

My recommendation to falafel lovers of Barkingside – buy them frozen from La Boucherie, where Barkingside vegans can also find there icecream and other incidentally vegan foods that Jews have created to keep strict kosher after a meaty meal. And order your houmous-pitta-salad-chillisauce from Onur. Even though they insist they’re exempt from selling falafel on account of being Turkish, Onur is fantastic. Get your old man to nuke the falafels in time for when you get home. (Yes, microwaving falafels from frozen is best for mouth-feel if you as I do rule out deep frying on account of waste.) Or if there’s nobody to do that, doesn’t matter – houmous-salad-pitta is cold anyway so you can even do it yourself no harm done!

You can’t go wrong with Onur.

It would be nice if the people at La Boucherie would crack a smile once in a while though.

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