To combat a mounting fear of the far left I’d better understand anti-imperialism.

I’m a sketchy Democratiya reader, to my shame, but right now, via the site of the (creator of unspeakably gorgeous illustrations) Mr Kellie Strom, titled Airforce Amazon, which I came to in turn via Bob From Broccoli, I am reading the excellent piece on the subject by Marko Attila Hoare reviewing Buruma and Margalit’s Occidentalism, which I can see on my bookshelf as I (touch)type this.

“The popularity of the term originally derived from Lenin’s concept of imperialism as the ‘highest stage of capitalism’, whereby the cartelisation of capitalism at the national level stifled domestic competition and resulted in heightened conflict between the advanced capitalist countries, in which the export of capital to third-world countries was eventually backed up by military invasion and colonisation. Right or wrong, this was at least a sober theoretical model, but it is one that has been jettisoned by contemporary ‘anti-imperialists’ in favour of a model derived from the Christian concept of Satan, or the all-powerful force for evil.”

Read it all at Democratiya.


One thought on “Anti-imperialism

  1. Funny the roundabout routes one takes to arrive so close to home…

    I’ve been about half-way thru Baruma and Margolit’s fantastic Occidentalism for over a year now, so you have prompted me not only to read Marko’s review but go back and finish it

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