Point taken

Anyway, earlier in the week I was conveniently speculating about “most Muslims” and “ordinary Muslims” and how they don’t support terrorists. Then Seumas Milne said they did. The Quilliam Foundation says they might possibly.

Okay, okay – I don’t know. The latest CIF post from Musa Bora (formerly The Islamicist, these days Mr Moo) made me feel a bit satirised actually:

“One Muslim family were flitting between our field and another field next to it, where a small picnic was taking place. We were informed that these handful were the last remaining “ordinary, decent, hardworking” people left in the country…

An ordinary decent hardworking man told us of his plight: there used to be hundreds of thousands of people like him, and MPs based entire election manifestos around their group. But singletons, indecent, lazy and eccentric people had all influenced the group till there were only six families left. “Once the internet started, that was the end for us. They all started blogging, or commenting,” he said. I beat a hasty retreat.”

This is not a good feeling. Usually Musab Bora is making me laugh. Now I’m making him laugh (or would).


2 thoughts on “Point taken

  1. “If this were sympathy for neo-Nazis or other racists of the ultra-right, he wouldn’t be writing in such terms.”

    Not sure I am in total agreement with Norm here. After Milne’s praises of Stalinism I wouldn’t be surprised.

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