From buying ice lollies at my local Costcutters.

I tried to return the only one I’ve ever bought there because it was defective (Rowntree Fruit Pastille lollies are supposed to have five distinct fruit-flavoured segments but the one I unwrapped today (the hottest day of the year) had melted and refrozen into one pond-coloured mass with a soft syrupy tip and quantities of stale-tasting (I did try it) frost.

I received a refund, but also an accusation of having tried to return an ice lolly the previous week and a ban from buying any further ice lollies.

My protest and denial fell on deaf ears.

I think I’ll chalk it down to a very hot and irritating day and possible worries about slim margins, but for me it’s been a bad week for service.

3 thoughts on “Banned!

  1. Did I say, it’s not only ice lollies. The entire contents of the freezer are off limits for me. I’m going to wait a week and try again. I like that Costcutters – they sell licorice without gelatine and egg-free noodles.

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