#8 in the Top Twenty Green Party Blogs

Iain Dale announces that Total Politics voters have decided I’m #8 in the top 20 green party blogs.

If I could pick that post of his up, give it a tap and peer at it to see if it changed, I would.


5 thoughts on “#8 in the Top Twenty Green Party Blogs

  1. Well, B21, that’s what I thought, but then I went to Total Politics, clicked on Political Blogs Directory, clicked on Green which is under the sub-heading Browse By Party. There, in Parties > Green, we are. Somebody, not sure who, submitted me and somebody else categorised me – how about you? Unless I’ve missed something I’m assuming people voting at Total Politics would have done so on that basis.

  2. Ah! How we have been categorised, packaged, wrapped, stereotyped, slapped on the counter for sale in the Total Politics Blog Directory is not the point. The point is that the list both on Iain’s blog post and in the book is “Top 20 Green Blogs”.

    B21 is in the Total Politics list by virtue of being on Jim Jay’s list last year, and the category is probably derived from that. I did nominate you for inclusion on Jim Jay’s list but he already had you covered. There must be others who voted for you to get to Number 8 on Iain’s list. The vote was for your top 10 favourite blogs in order, not in any specific category. So, some of my votes would have counted towards blogs in other categories.

    I’ve been trying to think of another easy word to distinguish between non-party alignment with broad Conservative, Labour, LibDums, Green etc but can’t. So, I suspect the use of the word “party” in that context is loose and/or lazy.

    I’m also not sure whether blogs can be in more than one category. Philobiblon for eg ought to be included in Feminist but isn’t. B21 ought to be included in Environment but isn’t.

    Maybe we should suggest some improvements?

  3. Isn’t it the case though that voters’ undifferentiated top tens are processed by Total Politics to generate league tables within its pre-defined categories, and this is what Iain Dale uses?)

    Yeah, good idea about suggesting improvements. Some kind of balance or distinction between self-categorisation and categorisation by your readers would be good (as it is you’re to email Iain if you’re wrongly categorised). Ability to exist in more than one category, as you point out.

    Thanks for recommending me B21 – I have to say that there’s no competition between mine and yours on greenness, you win hands down.

    At this rate Barkingside is going to become the Totnes of Essex / London.

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