Flesh on Normblog

While I was away at Green Man Norman Geras posted a profile on me that he’d collected a week or so back. Norm is an important British(-based) academic, writer, long-time blogger and sage chronicler of the left. To celebrate on my way back from Ilford today (why aren’t I still camping? I hold up my hands and admit to you that I made us quit on account of the rain. It’s not all over though – yesterday we saw the Brunel Museum, Rotherhithe to Greenwich on the Thames Path, and the Royal Observatory. Tomorrow we’re going to see the wacky inventions at the British Library followed by the Wellcome Gallery) to sort out some curtains from Regents, I listened to his Little Atoms interview in which he explains among other things how he came to blogging and the left wing case for interventionism. He also presented at the last Euston Manifesto conference.

That profile puts me in distinguished company and is cause for punching some air.

This is down to Matt, to David Hirsh and Jon Pike among others at Engage, Eve Garrard, Bob From Brockley, the Harry’s Place writers (including the commenters particularly S.O.Muffin and Modernity), Norm Himself, Nick Cohen, Sonja, Mairi, Veg, MuteBoy, Yish, podcasts from the RSA, Little Atoms, and BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time, and not least to the Socialist Worker Party, dysfunctional-left tub thumpers like John Pilger and Noam Chomsky, dysfunctional left sophists like Alex Callinicos and Seumas Milne, identity politics groups like Independent Jewish Voices who find their other group members embarrassing, and Palestinian solidarity campaigners of the boycotting variety, for illuminating the rocks so clearly (and inadvertantly). I find reading and/or interacting with these people extremely motivating, and before I started doing so I was thinking and writing pap.


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