Technology witholding affection

My Sansa’s radio has packed up.

My iRex iLiad developed a millimetre-wide white line down its screen.

My personal digital radio packed up.

My phone stopped talking to my sim card.

This is a black, black month.

Update!!!! My Sansa radio is restored!!!!


7 thoughts on “Technology witholding affection

  1. You don’t think it might be that Large Hadron Collider thingy wotsit, do you?
    Are you being attacked by mini black holes?

    Of course it could also be planned obsolescence!

  2. Well, Weggis, reading with some alarm about the the Royal Society decision to recommend teaching – or at least accommodating – creationism in schools, it’s interesting to note that they, at least, would consider my question a valid one.

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