Quarkbase – see vital signs of a web site

Enter a domain into Quarkbase and it will generate information on:

  • Traffic Rank
  • Countries in which it is famous
  • Tags (keywords; topics – roughly equivalent to ‘concerns’)
  • Language (e.g. English)
  • Social popularity: Delicious Bookmarks; Diggs; Technorati; StumbleUpon; Reddit; Wikipedia
  • Technology/Framework (e.g. PHP)
  • Number of feeds
  • Blogging tool (e.g. WordPress)
  • Contact person
  • Owner
  • ISP
  • Domain creation and expiration date
  • Daily traffic rank (Alexa) – also monthly and three-monthly average, with change
  • Unique page views – daily, monthly and three-monthly average, with change
  • Percentage of global internet users visiting
  • Host info
  • Similar and related sites
  • And sundry other facts.

Good for comparing sites. Mashing up at its best.

In the spirit of constructive feedback:

  • I was quite surprised at how little social popularity reflects actual hits. Maybe Digg and Reddit are not good measures of ‘Social Popularity’ – I would imagine that they have a younger usership for example. A move beyond dominant social software tools included there to incorporate similar others, such as Diigo and Wikio, would be good.
  • I would find it helpful to be able to measure variation in a ‘social popularity’ between social software tools
  • Transparency – a little more about the mashup for the layperson. Why can’t I see a subscriber count for some web sites when I can for others? How are similar and related sites generated?
  • I really want to know about volume of comments and readership of comments. I’ll be lucky, as things stand.

There is a relatively in-depth review at AppScout.

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