I seriously overdid it last night and spent the day in bed except a short interlude when ‘Peggy‘ and ‘Terry’ dropped round with the luscious little baby and we had lunch.

A strange injury to about three ligaments in the top of my leg, which I think I may have sustained leafleting the neighbourhood in a rush, flared up badly and I am currently in a fair bit of pain. Any movement elicits light moaning and gasping. I have to lift my leg in my hands to move it around like somebody with paralysis. Matt gave me a hot water-bottle and I managed to read the paper over several hours between dozing and trying out my leg in different positions.

I am never ill and it’s extremely rare for me to overdo it so I naturally assumed my life might be in danger. Having ruled out death on NHS Direct’s decision support pages, my thoughts turned to long-term debilitation where they remain.

Having found myself capable of feeding my face and blogging, I’m 90% certain I am going to be fine which is a relief. But it’s good to feel this way sometimes. It helps you understand the preoccupations and needs of people who are weak or in pain. It also reminded me of isaid’s heartbreaking account of his proper illness, pleurisy – from which he is now mercifully recovering).


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