I’m siding with Bristol

Bristol Palin is being tooled by abortion debaters. On Skepchick, Jen comments:

“I’m not saying that Bristol keeping her baby is the right decision, or that abortion would be the wrong decision. I’m saying it’s not my place, or Doug Stanhope’s place, or Sarah Palin’s place, or anyone else on this planet’s place, to say, even jokingly, and especially in a public forum, either way. To only translate a choice that ends up with the result we want as an actual choice doesn’t even make any logical, much less ethical, sense.

In case this doesn’t seem relevant to this site – well, I think it is. It’s the same thing we talk about when educating people about skepticism. It’s not about telling them what to think, it’s teaching how to think. It’s not about telling any woman what choice to make, it’s about making sure women are able to make choices themselves. When it comes to applying critical thinking, you can’t come to a conclusion using only your own personal anecdotes, or your family’s or friends’. You can use your own knowledge gained from experience as part of your evidence, but that doesn’t follow that because your abortion was the right choice for you, it’s the right choice for everyone, every time – or if your adoption was successful, or not, or if your giving birth at seventeen was successful, or not. We also can’t make assumptions based on our own opinions about what choice actually did take place with Bristol. We can have our opinions, sure. I have mine. But I’m careful to keep that separate from my judgment. Only the one in that individual situation knows all of the facts. And that’s the only one who can and should make the judgment and the choice. Everyone else need to back the fuck off, as far as I’m concerned.”

I agree – that’s why I’m pro-choice.

HT our American correspondent MuteBoy.


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