Good luck Tzipi

Her 1.1% margin was far from the predicted landslide, but if the Rahat recount Mofaz is thinking about demanding goes her way she will have 42 days to form a ruling coalition. If she can do that she will be Israel’s first woman prime minister since Golda Meir.

If she can do it without capitulating to the Shas party who among other things won’t negotiate on the status of East Jerusalem)- maybe if she can ditch Shas and recruit Meretz, moving Kadima to the left, she will have a chance at forging a peace with the Palestinian Authority from inside Israel’s bonkers proportional representation system. She will inherit a viable plan from Olmert. And she is the candidate best placed to beat the abominable Likud leader Netanyahu.

Good luck to her.

(It’s ‘Tzipi’, not ‘Zippy’. And it’s not ‘chariman’ – it’s ‘chair‘.)


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