Help me out – tell The Grocer you’ll eat less meat

If enough people take this poll on the front page of The Grocer and let the food retail sector know that we would prefer something other than meat, then we will be closer to getting the decent range of alternatives we so urgently require.

At the moment, the poll looks like this:

UPDATE: Aha – today (19 Sep, after lunch) it looks like this:


7 thoughts on “Help me out – tell The Grocer you’ll eat less meat

  1. Tell you why I feel threatened – as a long time smoker, carnivore and drinker (well, more or less social one), I belong to (at least) three oppressed minorities that, no matter what is done to them in the name of health, public order, justice and other dreck like this, have never yet fought back with valor and bloodthirstiness appropriate. So being threatened with extinction is something I am used to.

    Well, and Grocer hadn’t put roots yet here in the Levant. Thankfully, the idea of vegetables replacing real food has not yet struck the SWMBO as feasible, otherwise…

  2. 🙂 It’s The Grocer not ‘The Greengrocer’. It’s just a trade mag for the food retail industry – meat, dairy, confectionary, greens, everything.

    Look, I don’t care about boozing or smoking, but I know that tampering with people’s diets is pretty much taboo.

    But have a look at Compassion in World Farming’s report on animal sentience and the IPCC report on mitigation, particularly Ch 8 on climate change and agriculture and then tell me again why I should only think about cutting down on meat in terms of your rights?

  3. I think we should point out that cigarettes and beer are made from plants and are therefore vegetarian, so we smokers and drinkers are good guys. Also we only eat vegetarian animals, we don’t eat carnivores.

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