Guardian/Library House CleanTech 100, 2008

Many of these are for industry, construction, energy and infrastructure rather than for individual use – but here, with energy storage, tidal turbines, magnetic refrigeration, simulation software for architects, and intelligent power management, is the European 2008 Guardian/Library House CleanTech 100.

Towing kites for ships! Domestic conversion of waste oil to diesel! Lots of new waste conversion and energy storage technology. On the computing front, there’s a new form of battery – zinc-air.

Experiences on London Underground (where I’m almost certainly destined to die in an altercation) over the past decade or so have bred the guilty dream of travelling where other people are not, so I particularly liked the idea of personal urban public transport. No leaky headphones. No mobile phones. No bags which should be on the floor swinging into your knees. No clouds of make-up showering down in the morning. Nobody’s newspaper in front of your face. Nobody not giving up the priority seats. Nobody making terrible use of the space. No Kentucky Fried Chicken or squelching gum nausea. Imagine.

UPDATE: see Fermin Rocker and Public Spaces.


11 thoughts on “Guardian/Library House CleanTech 100, 2008

  1. PRT is seen as a bit of a crazy dream amongst some transit people. The issues around energy efficiency, headways, congestion and scalability are formidable. A shame, because I agree about the space and people issues on public transport.

  2. PRT sounds like a car:
    with none of the advantages (you can’t go where you want)
    and with all the disadvantages of cars (poor efficiency, congestion etc)
    and with the problems associated with rail networks (signalling, infrastructure costs, scalability).

    Sounds like the worst of both worlds?

    Probably something Boris is really behind then 😛

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