Views of Barkingside

Slagz, Slutz or Hoze would be a bit much but Tartz is harmless enough, isn’t it? Only the other week Matt exclaimed, in affection, that I was – what was it? – a “revolting little tart” (I think I had my head in the kitchen cupboard eating golden syrup or some such). So it must be OK.


8 thoughts on “Views of Barkingside

  1. No, Flesh I just assumed you were a customer and that I had met you after the treatment. šŸ™‚

    I might just find a couple of spare hours and sit outside Cafe 104 to see what sort of clientele they get and compare the befores and afters.

  2. Images of a tart and of a person eating syrup from a kitchen cupboard (must be mighty uncomfortable, by the way, but it’s not the point) don’t superimpose easily. Nah, not at all.

  3. I have my nails done at Tartz and it’s my favourite shop in Barkingside. Kim and Vicky are really fun and easy going and the salon is just a very comfortable place. Great pedicures too…

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