Barkingside man trap

Oy gevalt – mirth, death and maiming give me a sore head.

I like the men who work in my local DIY shop. I think the funny thing about this sign is its grumpiness. What did they expect, with a man-sized mousetrap in their window? They love it really.

That type of trap is a bone-breaker and should be against the law. The 2006 Animal Welfare Act (which applies to vertebrates) states (Section 4):

4. Unnecessary suffering

(1) A person commits an offence if –

(a) an act of his, or a failure of his to act, causes an animal to suffer,

(b) he knew, or ought reasonably to have known, that the act, or failure to act, would have that effect or be likely to do so,

(c) the animal is a protected animal, and

(d) the suffering is unnecessary.

It’s (c) that fails house and wood mice. They’re not protected from us. They should be.

If we don’t like mice around then the best approach is not to attract them. Give them no succour. Clear up the crumbs. Seal up our food. Block their entry points.

If we have attracted mice, we should spare their lives – particularly spare them from traps like this.  Jones & Son (‘The Mouse Trap People’) dispute that it is possible to kill a mouse humanely. Here are Jones & Son’s three steps to stopping them from pissing and crapping all over our homes:

Step 1 – Track – The first step to get rid of mouse infestations is to always identify the full extent of the problem. Our Luminous Dust Tracking Kit is an absolute must.

Step 2 – Trap – Once you’ve identified where they go at night you can simply lay our Humane Single Catch Live Mouse Traps all along their routes.

If you’ve discovered that there is a lot of activity in one smaller area you might want to consider our Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap – Medium or our Multi Catch Live Mouse Trap – Large.

Mice are prolific urinators so you should also consider our Professional Rodent Germ Clear Spray.

Step 3 – Thwart – Now that you know how to get rid of mice by using humane mouse traps, it is time to stop them ever coming back. 70% of all house mouse infestations are as a result of entry through air vents or air bricks. Our Mouse Deterrent Air Brick Covers take just seconds to install.



7 thoughts on “Barkingside man trap

  1. Now, as an owner of two cats who (I freely confess to it here) kill everything they are able to put their paws on – should I be worried about being summarily executed one day by some Geneva convention policemen? Jackbooted, I have to add…

  2. I’ll tell you a story about a cat.

    I used to live on a not very nice housing estate of Hackney Road. Three hostile black cats, who I presumed to be related because they walked the same strange stiff gait, used to patrol the buildings like the mafia. One night a friend and I were walking up a side street when we saw a moving mound in the middle of the road. On its side was a little grey short-haired pedigree-looking cat with a collar. It appeared to be dead, something which had not deterred one of the estate cats from mounting it and proceeding to pleasure itself. It was a truly horrific sight. A woman walking on the other side stuck her foot to scare it but instead of running away the black cat took the dead cat by the scruff of its neck and dragged it purposefully away into a nearby building site.

    But I do like the kitty cats, but this is an episode I will never forget.

  3. Oy vey… Now I shall never be able to forget that image. My little sis had an old neutered Siamese that toward the last year or two of his life developed an obsession with a fluffy slipper, but this really takes the cake. No contenders.

  4. I captured and removed a cockroach from my boss’s office today. Released it in some shrubs. This is my first encounter with a cockroach and I can’t believe how rapid they are.

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