Views of Barkingside (last one)

I find Barkingside a very sexy place to live. You remember the new nail and beauty place. Well here’s the pet shop.

I’m not at all sure about this petshop. Besides selling live animals to anybody who pays, it smells bad and they keep rabbits and ducklings in the same tank.


3 thoughts on “Views of Barkingside (last one)

  1. Is that worse than the place a few doors down that sells dead animals?

    I have been put right on the vegetarian beer front. Apparently brewers use fish scales to reduce the cloudiness of beer. Don’t ask!

  2. The kosher butchers?

    The ironic thing about that place is that it sells more vegan stuff than the other grocers – I give them a lot of my cash for

    creamless cream (for mum)
    creamless ice cream
    infinite variations on the theme of houmous

    Beer and wine – yes. There are a few vegan ones at the Co-op on Fencepiece Rd. Sam Smiths is vegan (but the bitter isn’t at all nice – although the cider is). In the pub last night (North Star in Leytonstone – v nice pub) I had such a lovely pint of Broadside. The idea of giving up decent ale is not something I can countenance right now. It was boring enough becoming vegan 😦

  3. ermm.. to be honest, i keep my ducklings and bunnies together too. They are farm animals and do better when living in a large group. I get my food for them from here and I must say I do find the staff very helpful. They gave me a few bits for free to help my rabbit with overgrown teeth. I must agree though that it does smell a bit but it is a pet store; what do you expect. Smells a lot better than most though. I personally think it’s a great little store!

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