Anti-Zionists are writing

Geoffrey Wheatcroft writing in the New Statesman commiserates with Jews who feel that their views have been suppressed (yeah right – you can’t move without tripping over an anti-Zionist offering these days) agrees with a theme of anti-Zionism which is that Zionism (simply the idea that a Jewish homeland is relevant and desirable) causes Jews to seem – to themselves and others – separate, which in turn leads to persecution – in other words that Zionism hurts Jews. Eve Garrard, understanding antisemitism as she does, responds with far more sense.

Via Engage.

Update 13th Oct: the mainstreaming of the once-discredited Zionist=Racism definition continues apace. On Z-Word blog, Ben Cohen is rightly disgusted at Macmillan’s decision to include a warped entry on Zionism by Noel Ignatiev in their Encyclopedia of Race and Racism. Maybe for-profit encyclopaedias are like most far left/right political groupings these days – only dinosaurs will write for them.


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