Ideal body

One of my oldest friends moved to San Diego a few months ago. He casually slipped into a recent bit of correspondence that he was going to the gym and I nearly passed a kitten. “America has changed him” I thought sadly.

But no, if you read his post about going to the gym, it becomes clear that his motivation is eating more.

At the World Congress of the International Association of Gerontology (Cape Town, 2003) a keynote speaker presented what a human body evolved to live to advanced age would look like. I can’t find it so I’ll have to describe it. It was mostly about avoiding the effects of gravity. The arms were long enough for our knuckles to take some of the weight off our knees, relieve our spines and stabilise us. Consequently, our necks projected at an angle and our back legs were like the back legs of a four-legged mammal i.e. no knees, bending in the other direction. There were more details but I forget. Absolutely fascinating. I would love to see that picture again.


8 thoughts on “Ideal body

  1. I remember seeing a model of a human with the size of the features proportionate to the number of nerve endings. Fingers, lips, genitals all huge.

  2. The artistic representation of space travel is one where normal earth gravity exists. However in the real world, or space, there is no gravity so legs become unimportnat and a burden. What would be useful in moving around in 3 dimensions are 4 arms, 4 hands and….. a tail. Bring anything to mind?

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