Quick poll: memories of encountering the Holocaust for the first time

WordPress has started doing polls but I have two burning questions so I’ll use Survey Monkey instead.

Please take my very quick, 2-question, anonymous survey.

I’ll publish the findings when I have enough for them to mean something.


Let me include the questions (which I tweaked slightly in response to a query):

  • Do you remember when you first heard about the Holocaust? (i.e. is your memory of the episode vivid enough that you would you be able describe, say, your surroundings, or some of the other circumstances?)
  • Are you Jewish?
  • Space for comments

There are no wrong answers – I wouldn’t expect anybody to remember when they heard about the Holocaust.

What am I getting at here? I wonder if there might be a correlation or absence of one (and of course, that would only be true for my readers, of whom I know little) between remembering the circumstances of finding out about the Holocaust, or not, and being Jewish, or not. If there were then I could extrapolate that finding out about the Holocaust stood out starkly in some way. Or didn’t. Or for Jews and not non-Jews. Or the other way round. The findings will raise many more questions, but that might be a basis for further research.


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