“Breathing” mobile washer

At this stage of the global meltdown my womanly priorities are:

  1. Remain out of the kitchen
  2. Save the planet
  3. Other stuff

When Muteboy sent me this link to this highly ingenious resurrected mobile washer concept ($17) breezily reviewed by “agitator” Christine Mank, I stiffened. Ain’t nobody prising me away from my washing machine*.

Currently we wash on 40 degrees, quick wash, no rinse because we use eco balls. Eco balls of course cleanse with the power of ions, so you don’t need washing liquid and you don’t therefore need to rinse. No packaging, next to no pollution (the ceramic beads are refillable). We do about 2 loads a week and they take 30 minutes or so each. The eco balls are great – I can really recommend them (ignore Ethical Man when he says “Eco Balls are perfume free so you have to really inspect the clothes to persuade yourself they are clean” – that’s just silly – but then that’s what he’s there for).

On the other hand, with the agitator thingy you get a bit of exercise (good for me, curled-up thing that I am – the way I see it, you can’t get enough exercise these days) operating the agitator, but you do use detergent and so you do have to rinse. It’s sporadic – agitate for a bit, go away, agitate for a bit, go away and so on.  Christine Mank says it’s no bother. Then you spin in a spin dryer (or if you’re completely bonkers, you wring everything out and then hang it up).

When my washing machine conks out I’m going to try it. But if it’s a drag then I doubt it will take off, in which case I’ll be perusing the Good Shopping Guide for another.

*This is melodramatic of me. Matt is an environmentally-conscious feminist and we don’t even have kids. If anybody can afford the time it’s me.

2 thoughts on ““Breathing” mobile washer

  1. It’s actually a “revamp of an old patent from the late 1800’s” which didn’t take off then, so who knows. Good for off-grid hot climates, I guess, where you don’t have to worry so much about damp.

  2. one might question why you are desparate to be chained to the washing machine. I will ignore this question and simply say that you are not and will not be tethered to it. This is because you won’t be able to do the rest of the cleaning or cooking if we do that and who is going to do the shopping? I can’t see you being able to drag it along the highstreet.

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