What people talk about when they talk about Zionists

It looks as if Muslim member states of the U.N. (these days the Organisation of the Islamic Conference) will try to pass a resolution determining that Zionism is a type of racism again. As well as being an act of solidarity with Palestinians under occupation and a gesture of protest at the way Israel militarises its relations with them, this is also calculated to make a pariah of Israel. Israel is a state at war, and while the extent to which failure to reach a peace settlement it its own responsibility is a legitimate topic for debate, vilifying Zionism is the same as saying that Israel shouldn’t exist. We wouldn’t say that about any other state.

I’m with Muffin – the University and College Union kept telling me I was a Zionist when I objected to antisemitism and whaddaya know, for the first time in my life I started seriously regarding Jewish nationalism as a sensible and relevant precaution. Particularly for Israelis.

Two good, snappy bits of analysis from Norm.


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