British Fascists and 9/11 untruths

Practically everything that is coming out of Harry’s Place at the moment is eyepoppingly good (or failing that, simply eyepopping) but this on conspiracy theorists from Edmund Standing caught my eye – surprise, the 9/11 Truth movement is up to its neck in antisemitism. A very well-sourced post.

Papanomicron (Matt) informs me that he has been grovelling with the die-hard “drunks and retards” at the bottom of the comments. On the subject of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, he had this to say at 11:48:

“no serious engineer would actually let an architect go round the world talking about structural behaviour – the leader of this band of saddos is an Architect you see.”

According to Matt, architects don’t know the first thing about how buildings stand up. Catty.

5 thoughts on “British Fascists and 9/11 untruths

  1. as an aside, have you notice how the release of the BNP membership list has engendered a degree of sympathy for the BNP amongst some web posters?

    as if belonging to a fascist party were the same as holding a library card?

    I think it is great, the more exposure and more debate on the issue of dealing with fascists like the BNP the better.

    people should be shamed by their membership of the BNP, and made to think of its implications.

  2. Yes. I was trying to figure out today how to make this the end of the BNP, rather than a Nick Griffin publicity stunt.

    Very frustrated not to be able to get at the txt file today – wikileaks is overloaded. I almost forked out towards their new server until I realised that instead of giving me my text file they were instead expecting me to watch 43 minutes of John Pilger. I rapidly came to the conclusion I spend my money on a better leaking organisation.

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