Labourhome’s Alex Hilton needs £ for legal fees

Via Modernity – a member of the Conservative Party (via Labour and RESPECT) is suing Labourhome blogger Alex Hilton for libel. Alex has a high chance of winning because after the initial complaint he did things by the book – however it will be a struggle to recoup his costs. He ends:

“I would be very very grateful if readers would consider donating any sum towards my legal costs. I built Labourhome two and a half years ago as an open forum for Labour supporters because I believed it was needed. I’m in court because of the freedom of this forum and I can tell you the whole situation is pretty depressing.”

Go on, chuck him a few notes (scroll down for PayPal). After all, with UK libel laws in their current state, it could be you next.

I am getting a bit fed up of our libel laws. People with flimsy cases bring them to the UK because we’re so hard on the defendant. One such example of libel tourism, the 2006 High Court ruling in Jameel and Others v. Wall Street Journal Europe, was supposed to help journalists but a) I don’t quite understand it and b) it hasn’t.

I’ve seen a lot of proposed measures and reforms (e.g. abolish defamation law, adjudicate out of court, mass speak out campaigns to make vexatious litigation socially unacceptable, suer has to prove malice, burden of evidence on suer) but I’m finding it hard to evaluate them

I took a while to go hunting for a UK group lobbying for reforms which I could join or support in some way, but couldn’t immediately find one.  Anybody know of such a group?


4 thoughts on “Labourhome’s Alex Hilton needs £ for legal fees

  1. Did you know that Alex is a local lad?
    His mum was a Labour cllr and Cabinet member back when we had a minority Labour Council.
    And Alex was also a Labour cllr for Newbury ward 2002-2006.
    He was at Caterham with my eldest.

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