EU upgrades Association Agreement with Israel

Bit late on this one. Further to the news that the EU was upgrading relations with Israel and not making this conditional on advances in final status negotiations (and it’s worth bearing in mind that the EU has Association Agreements throughout the Middle East with these kinds of conditions – the EU does not require Lebanon to grant citizenship to the Palestinian families encamped there with severely restricted rights since 1948 for example), the pro-war Palestine Think Tank produced this:


I think it would have been far less evocative of the antisemitic tropes of Jewish power, domination and infiltration, such as:


(found on Friends Partners)


(by Omayya Joha)


(found on Memri)

if it had been more like this:


But where, for Palestine Think Tank, would the fun have been in that?

More of these in Joel Kotek’s ‘Cartoons and Extremism: Israel and the Jews in Arab and Western Media‘ (2008, Vallentine-Mitchell)

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