Dog fouling

This morning I reported dog fouling on Fix My Street dot com, and tonight I witnessed a dog getting the shit battered out of her.

It’s been one of those nights where you are surprised to make it home. Central London was a zoo. I saw a police van on sirens screech to a halt just lightly buffeting a man who fell into the road in front of it outside the John Snow, narrowly missing a fresh pile of vomit. I evaded over-familiar men on Gt Marlborough St.  On the Central Line train a woman lurched and fell smashing her face and glasses on the divider between the door and the seats. Approaching Fairlop I called Matt. Two men, two little boys and two staffordshire bull terriers passed me coming down the stairs. Sweet, I thought, family night out. The littlest staff, black and either small or young, was shaking and cowering – I thought she was cold. I said goodbye to Matt.  Two of them dodged their fare and one of the dogs got clipped by the barriers on the way out. I shrugged my commiserations to the station attendant behind his windows. I got to the entrance as the group was strolling down the forecourt. As they approached a lamp post one of the men in a single smooth movement picked up a dog by its collar and smashed it into the lamp post. He repeated this when he reached the bicycle stands. He was bigger than the dog and the dog was terrified. He just picked her up and swung her body by the neck into the hard posts.

Sometimes I’m a have-a-go hero but this time I quailed. I’ve been fortunate enough not to have seen such cold-blooded sadism in the flesh and I was reeling. The man had known he had witnesses. I imagined his children watching as he repeatedly smashed my head into the station wall. So I backed into the station dialling 999. Two people – a man and woman – had seen it and they waited with me as I described the man to the police. Black. 5’7″ or so.  Long hair braided. Jeans. Black jacket. White bandana. Two small kids of maybe 5 or 7. The couple with me said the man had hurled the dog into a wall when he got off the train. We walked together to Fullwell Cross roundabout and then went our separate ways. When I got home I threw up.

7 thoughts on “Dog fouling

  1. Called the police to follow up. The officer I spoke to said that a car came promptly but couldn’t find them. Case closed.

    Some time in the recent past there was a File on 4 on the RSPCA part of which dealt with plans for cross-reporting between the RSPCA and NSPCC. Perhaps they would see fit to record that two small boys had to watch a man smashing a dog into hard surfaces.

  2. That’s an unbearable story, Flesh. I hate to think about the fact that that man is still tormenting his poor terrified dog. I wish I hadn’t read this late at night – but it would be dreadful any time.

  3. i don’t know – it was weird. it was kind of functional. i wondered whether he was hardening the dog up for something. I can’t stand to think of him getting away with it, or being in a position to carry on doing it. i wish i’d thought to take a picture.

    the reason i threw up, it turns out, is that matt and i had a bug.

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